Blog Posts

Brief introduction, purpose of this website, and reflecting on the current state of the world.



My name is Daniel Mendez. As of the date this is being written (Summer 2020), I am a recent Computer Science Graduate. I have been fascinated with the innerworkings of technology at a young age, however I discovered my passion of programming during college. I would consider development more a hobby than job at this point with the excitement and endless learning it brings me.

Purpose of this Website

To make good use of all this free time, I felt it may be a good idea to challenge myself technically by designing a website. I have worked on websites in the past, but never quite made a personal site I was satisfied with.

I cannot say for sure what future posts may include however I will challenge myself to share interests, beliefs, discoveries and current projects. If I find myself pretentious enough to read my old blog posts, I can reflect on myself and possibly regain some knowledge I have shared in the past.